About Us

National Digital Crime Resource and Training Centre

National Digital Crime Resource and Training Centre(NDCRTC) is a specialised centre functioning under the IT wing of SVP National Police Academy with the objective of Capacity Building of Law Enforcement Agencies in Cyber Crime Investigation. This Centre is involved in giving training to officers from State Police, CPOs and other LEAs of Central Government, Digital Forensic Experts of CFSL and State FSL, Judges and Prosecutors.

The main objective of this Centre is to build capacity in the field of Cyber Crime Investigation and to create Master Trainers in this field among all wings of Criminal Justice System of the Country in association with all agencies of State as well as Central Government working in this field.

The main focus of this centre is on Digital Forensics, cyber laws and electronic evidence, Open-source intelligence, Malware Analysis and Cyber Security. In long-term, the centre envisages to emerge as a “Centre of Excellence” in the field of Cyber Crime Investigation Training in the country.

The centre conducts specialised and as per the custom requirements of the requisitioning law enforcement agencies at their premises on payment basis. the centre also offers online courses and webinars which can be made use to reach out to larger audience.


NDCRTC will strive to synthesize cross-discipline proficiencies in order to create excellence in Digital forensics. It will combine visionary thinking with professional management principles and rigorous training methods to foster an intense commitment to the stated field. It will provide high-quality leadership and outstanding collaboration to enrich the learning, assimilation, practice and proliferation of digital forensics.


The Vision of NDCRTC is to be a National Center of Excellence for training in the field of Digital Crime Investigation and Cyber Forensics. It intends to achieve this vision through the establishment of a governance structure designed specifically to provide for autonomy, flexibility, accountability and for building productive interfaces with CJS, forensic laboratories, Academia, and the industry.


  1. World class training/capacity facility in the field of Digital Crime prevention, detection & investigation, digital forensics, cyber security, etc. keeping in tune with the developments in the field of ICT and catering to the training needs of various stakeholders of CJS, and specially various levels of Police Officers.
  2. A high level “Training of Trainers” Program to run the State Police Digital/Cyber Crime Resource Centers, a Mother Training Center
  3. Assimilating, propagating and developing SOP for the investigation of Digital Crimes of various nature bringing uniformity and standardization in investigation of such crime
  4. Tool profiling as a means to evangelize uniform deployment of digital forensic tools
  5. Creation of a National Repository of Digital Crimes and a case reference library as a means of improving information availability and dissemination.
  6. Strong Research Base to assist in Prosecution case building for court rooms
  7. National Help-Desk and single point solution Centre
  8. Promoting best practices of security and investigation in digital space in association with other agencies like CERT-In, C-DAC etc.
  9. Liaison with the international agencies engaged in the same field subject to specific MoA