Course Detail

Mobile Forensics & CDR Analysis

  • The participants will be given a case briefing along with relevant exercise data. At the end of this simulation exercise, the participants will be able to identify the key player or ringmaster.
  • The participants would be given a complaint document mentioning the date and time of a crime and will be provided related data in form of Tower Dumps of required date-time.
  • Case Simulations involving different cases related to IPDR analysis would be conducted and related step action guide will be provided.
  • The participants will be provided with a handout on Do’s and Don’ts while handling mobile phones as evidence and the SOP for forensic extraction of data from mobile phone device.
  • Content

    • Basics of mobile phone technology along with identification of mobile devices at the scene of the crime (SoC).
    • Concepts of Mobile Phone Forensics along with Data Acquisition from Mobile Phone and Analysis of that data.
    • Understanding concepts of CDR, and the various formats of CDR as provided by Mobile Service Provider
    • Types of data that can be sought from a Mobile Service Provider (CDR/SDR/Cell-ID chart/GPRS/IPDR).
    • Process of tracking Mobile devices.
    • Analysis of multiple CDRs to establish a common link
    • Tower Dump Analysis.
    • Briefing on types of IPDR: Mobile-number based IPDR/GPRS, IP-based IPDR, Tower IPDR
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