Course Detail

Malware and Network Forensics

After this course, the participants will be given various tools and handouts so that they can not only detect malware, but also understand their behaviour and will be able to mitigate the impact of those malwares on computer/mobile devices. They will also be provided with tools to analyse network traffic by parsing pcap data & other network logs to detect any anomalies or suspicious behaviour in network. Relevant case studies involving malware and network forensics will also be shared which allows the participants to understand the sequence of steps involved in malware dissection and analysis.


  • Basics of Malware and Related Terminology
  • Concepts of Networks and IP Addressing schemes
  • Search & Seizure process of Network Devices
  • Analysis of Network Logs
  • Analysis of Sample Malware
  • Methods of Reversing Malware
  • Case Studies of Malwares
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