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Dark Web and Crypto Currency

After this course, the participants will be able to understand the significance of various types of anonymizers and their usage, which forms the base for accessing the dark-web via The Onion Router. The participants will be provided a step action guide to handle the other avenues of the deep dark web, like i2p, FreeNet, ZeroNet, and TOR.

The participants will be able to develop a basic instruction manual to tweak with the entry/exit nodes of TOR along with Do’s and Don’ts, and also enforce policies to prevent connection to any known malicious Command & Control (C&C) Servers. They will also be given resources to understand how blockchain technology works and know the various resources for gathering information related to a cryptocurrency address.


  • Introduction to various terminologies: Surface Web, Deep Web, Dark Web, Proxy, VPN.
  • Ways to access the Dark Web and types of services available on the dark web.
  • Websites which maintain an index of important dark websites.
  • Introduction to i2p, FreeNet, Zeronet and comparative analysis: Tor vs i2p vs FreeNet vs ZeroNet
  • Precautions to be followed while accessing the Dark web.
  • Detecting Tor user in a network.
  • Concepts of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • Creating & Accessing Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Investigation of Crimes Related to Cryptocurrency.
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