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Cyber Crime Investigation

This course is a basic course which provides a birds-eye view of the scope of cyber-crime investigation and forms the foundation for other advanced courses imparted by the NDCRTC. At the end of this course, the participants will be given various tools and handouts of instructions to mitigate the mistakes committed during investigation of cyber-crimes and handling digital evidence. The participants will be provided with a basic SOP manual for investigation of various cyber-crimes.


  • Basics of computer & internet
  • Basics of Mobile Communication & Cellular Network
  • Cyber Crime & related laws in India
  • Modus Operandi of Different Cyber Crimes
  • Modus operandi of Cyber Crimes committed using Social Media Platforms
  • Crimes committed against women and children and their investigation.
  • Handling of Computers at the scene of Crime.
  • Basics of Call Detail Record (CDR)
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