Course Detail

Advanced Digital Forensics

After this course, the participants will be given documents related to forensic investigations for latest technology devices including SOP of data extraction and Do’s and Don’ts while handling these devices. Also, participants will prepare handouts related to acquisition of data from various sources related to an artefact specific to Linux and MacOS based systems. Some basic free tools for Network and Cloud-related forensic, malware & IoT forensics investigations will be provided.


  • Concepts of Mobile Phone Technology
  • SOP for Handling Mobile Devices
  • Data Extraction Techniques for Mobile Devices, SIM Card & Memory Card
  • Forensic Analysis of Linux and Mac Systems
  • Concepts of Network & Cloud-related Forensic Investigations
  • IoT Device Forensic Investigations
  • Malware Forensics
  • Forensic Analysis of UAV (Drones)
  • Smart Vehicle Forensics
  • Use of AI in Investigation
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